About us

KIST + ESCHERICH GmbH optimizes the production processes of internationally known manufacturers by avoiding and removing contaminated surface particles.

We are specialized in surface-cleaning & web-cleaning, de-dusting, particle cleaning, components & part cleaning, as well as cleaning machines & cleaning equipment using electrostatics, ionization & discharge of components. Especially the removal of dust, particulates, fibers & production residues of assemblies, components. Enrichment of laminar air-flow.

In particular, the removal of dust, particles, fibers & production residues of assemblies, components, small parts, plastic parts, industrial parts, decorative parts, bulk material. As well as film, web, foil, sheets, material web, plates, printed circuit boards, PCB, connectors, circuit boards, tray, small load carrier, SLC container, blister, packaging materials, work piece carriers, transfer systems, conveyor belt, transfer systems, transport belt.

Solutions for requirements out of the VDA19 as cleanliness analysis and inspections, contamination analysis and more answers in the field of technical cleanliness of components.

With our solutions, we remove particles, improve product quality and reduce scrap rates.


Höglwörther Straße 1
81369 Munich • Germany

phone +49 89 318 555-0

mail info@kist-escherich.com


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